Friday, August 29, 2008

Setting Up Shop

I've recently become addicted to blogs like treefrogfurniture and woodwhisperer, so I thought I'd give it a shot. This blog is entirely dedicated to my mediocre woodworking skills. For pertinent details of the rest of my life, check out the Larsenoster blog. For those of you that may not know, I'm seriously into Craftsman/Arts & Crafts/Mission style furniture. I've made a fair amount of it so far, and am advancing with every project. I started out with a picture frame, then made a coat tree, some tabouret tables, more picture frames, a headboard, and most recently a dresser to match. I'll post pics once I get this blog up and running. I recently joined LumberJocks, which is a really cool site, with lots of excellent projects. I will endeavor to keep this blog updated with my projects. After the dresser is finished, I'll be making a dog feeding stool and probably some more picture frames. I've got a mica lamp kit that I need to do something about too. My girlfriend needs a piano bench with some storage. Ultimately, I'd like to build at least one Morris bow arm chair, a side table to go with it, another lamp, a grandfather clock ala New Yankee Workshop's Tall Case Clock, and new dinette set. I'm a big fan of Stickley, although I'm willing to stray. We also went to the Gamble House last year, and the Greene and Greene style is really appealing to me, although as accent pieces. All the cloud lifts really are a bit much for me. Anyhoo, check out my LumberJocks projects until I can get this up and running.

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