Thursday, September 11, 2008

Craftsman Bookends

Fun little project I saw in an advertisement in the back of "American Bungalow" magazine. I had some scrap red oak laying around and my girlfriend had to go out for the afternoon for a business meeting (we work from home). I showed the ad to her, she said she liked it, so I said I'd have it done by the time she got home. "Yeah, right", she said. Sure enough, a few hours later, the raw piece was sitting on the counter. The hardest part was chiseling out the four little holes on each side. Gluing the thing together so that the two respective halves slid freely, without too much slop was really trying. I ended up using dowels to give it enough strength. I have since overstessed it and I think broke some of the dowel fibers, but that should be easy enough to fix. This piece ended up being fumed with the tabouret tables, so once again, the red oak didn't turn out as well as I hoped, even though I had been warned. It currently resides on my desk, holding all of my .ASP, .HTML, .CSS, and SQL manuals. It used to hold all of our commonly used cookbooks on the back of the kitchen sink peninsula.

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