Thursday, September 11, 2008

Craftsman Headboard

My first "big" project. I had been living my entire adult life without a headboard, and I had been feeling a tad white trash to say the least. We decided to bite the bullet and build this, even though we were moving in a month, which basically meant I had to knock it out quick and use it for only a few nights before we packed. $300 worth of quarter-sawn white oak and I was off. This was my first foray into QSWO, but after the tabouret debacle, I haven't looked back since. Following the illustrated and photographed plans, I was able to make the parts and the box-joint jig required to assemble the headboard. Assembling it for the dry fit was a two hour process, which involved a lot of creative vocabulary. After getting the assembly procedure down, it was time for the glue-up. This part always stresses me out because it's a point of no return kind of thing. The glue up went relatively well. Since I glued it up in a tiny apartment, and I had to move the dinette set out of the way to make room. Beause no wall was long enough for the headboard, I had to lean it against the wall at an angle to cure, which gave it a decided rack, which we did not think about until it was time to bolt it to the mattress frame. It's 1/2" out across the six feet, but there's not a lot I can do about it now. I finished it with TransTint #6003 Reddish Brown, with several coats of hand-rubbed poly, just in time to use it for a week. All of my woodworking friends thought I was crazy to start a project of that magnitude while we were packing, but I didn't know when I was going to have the time to make something so personally important afterwards. This piece was made in the spring of '08. It ended up being the first piece in an entire bedroom set.

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