Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tabouret Tables

My first real foray into "fine" woodworking. A buddy of mine introduced me to the design when he made one for his son's nursery. It was from "Popular Mechanics - Mission Furniture - How to Make It". We later found the entire book in the Gamble House Book store and snapped it up. I ignorantly went to Home Depot and bought $100 worth of red oak and went to town on it. Somewhere in the middle of making the lap joints on the stretchers, I realized that I only needed two sets to make one table. I had inadvertantly made four sets, unconsciously thinking that a table required four legs. When I realized my "mistake", I quickly went back to HD and bought more wood for a second top and additional legs. With just a little more work and expense, I now was the proud owner of two tables. My buddy had already experimented with ammonio fuming, ala Stickley, so all of the research telling me that red oak doesn't fume well, I fumed them. They turned out a muddy green color. I then coated them with water-based poly and put them into service. The good news is that the red oak has darkened considerably over the last year, so I might not have to strip them and refinish them. This was the second to last piece I did on my contractor's table saw, so I was a tad limited. This piece was done in the fall of 2006.

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